Pizza Mia still the Best Pizza in Vero Beach appreciates our community support.

Here is TCPalm and Sebastian Daily article with Lydia & Peter. Thank you for your support during this time.


VERO BEACH — Jim Gooch chomps into his final few bites of pizza with a smile. He chews, swallows and glances at his group of friends sitting together at his table at Pizza Mia.

"Yeah, we're not really in to chain restaurants," Gooch, 73, said between bites as his pals nodded in agreement. "And this place goes out of their way to get the good tomatoes that we like." 

A Pizza Mia employee was diagnosed with the Hepatitis A virus, and Indian River County Department of Health officials urged anyone who ate there between July 19 and July 23 to get vaccinated and be watching for any symptoms of the virus. The employee was infectious during this period and could have spread it to others, said Stacy Brock, agency spokeswoman. 

Florida Department of Health officials were at the restaurant Monday completing inspections, Peter Schaeperkoetter said. 

They are cleared to continue selling food and drinks to customers after officials determined there was no link to the virus found in any food products. 

Ryan Semje